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Консалтинговая группа «Агроинвестсервис» 

Agroinvestservice Advisory Group



About us


Agroinvestservice Advisory Group provide advisory and consulting services to the companies operating in the Russian agri-sector (mostly grain industry) or investors seeking new business opportunities in the Russian agriculture. Our focus is advisory service in the Russian primary agriculture (mostly grain production).


We have a highly professional team with multiyear experience in agrisector to ensure the highest level of service to our clients.

We assist our clients in the following areas:

  • Preparing and evaluating businesses for M&A transactions;
  • Identifying financial and strategic partners for agribusiness projects;
  • Identifying investment targets in the Russian primary agriculture based on financial and strategic investors specific criteria;
  • Agricultural Project management and development.

We provide agribusiness solutions to agricultural holding companies or independent agricultural enterprises/farms, to institutional and private investors.


Client Services 


We assist our clients in the following areas:

  • Business Restructuring to improve operational efficiency, land ownership structure and financial management (including Restructuring for the purpose of M&A transactions);
  • Providing Expert Advice on production strategy, financial, tax and legal issues;
  • Identifying Investment Targets in the Russian primary agriculture based on financial and strategic investors specific criteria (start-ups, businesses at the developed stage or at the exit stage);
  • Assisting the Russian agri-companies in preparing business plans and business presentations for potential investors (agricultural funds or agricultural holdings);
  • Assisting our clients in evaluating agri-businesses, agricultural land and assets for the purpose of M&A transactions;
  • Providing Due-Diligence service that highlights the quality and reliability of the investment target and quantify financial and economic returns of the prospective transaction.


Our expertise 


Our team has multiyear experience (over 10 years) in agricultural sector. Our team leaders have managed projects in agricultural and food sectors with total assets over 600 million USD and land banks over 100 thousand ha. The Team members have realized a series of M&A transactions in the Russian agriculture and food sector with the largest foreign and domestic strategic players.

The team is a group of highly qualified professionals in agri- production, operations, legal, finance and tax. The team members have previous experience in CEO, CFO, Production Director and other positions in agri and food businesses.


Dmitry V. Potapenko, Managing Partner


Former positions: CEO of one of the largest agricultural holding companies in Russia (food and primary agriculture); Strategic Investment Director of one of the largest grain producing company with land bank over 100 000 ha; Investment Department Director of one of the largest investment companies in Russia; Partner for Consulting Company, providing advisory service for major Japanese companies.

Education: Moscow State University, Economic Department, Graduate and Post-Graduate

Agribusiness Practice and Expertise: Series of large M&A transactions in agri-sector, including transactions with Russian and foreign strategic players; Implementation of successful exit strategies in agri-business; Experience in agricultural business restructuring, business evaluation, anti-crisis strategies.




We partner with the largest Russian agribusiness companies, shareholders of agricultural enterprises, agricultural land owners as well as with agri-funds and private investors.


Our clients:


  • Investment branch of the largest Russian Bank: advice on Investment strategy and Agricultural Project pipeline;
  • Largest Russian Metal and Mining Company, Department of Non-core assets: Evaluating agricultural assets, advice on Exit strategy;
  • Chinese Agricultural Investment Venture: M&A perspective in the Russian agricultural land market;
  • Private Investor, Russia:  Business Concept and Business Plan for Export-oriented grain producing venture.


Contact us:

      Russian Federation, Moscow, Business Center “Pole Pyatoe”, Office 112